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Headland Switching Service

Headland Switching Service, LLC (HSS) was formed in 2019 by Kyle V. Douglas and Rhett B. Douglas because they were asked to help a company who was not getting the service they needed.

Kyle began his railroading career on March 8, 1964 as a telegrapher and retired as a Vice President-General Manager of two short line railroads. Rhett began his railroad career in December 1987 in train service and is still employed on a short line railroad working as an engineer and trainman. Rhett holds the title of District Supervisor of Locomotive Engineers with the short line.

The many years of railroad experience, working in many railroad capacities, and the drive to excel in the switching service give Kyle and Bart the expertise that companies required.

Kyle and Rhett recognize that safety is the forefront of HSS. As of this date, HSS has not had an OSHA incident or accident in over 4 years of handling and unloading 40,000+ railcars at three different mills.

HSS recognizes the effects that COVID has had on our nation, especially the hiring market and work ethic. HSS hires and trains it own employees.

Kyle and BartWe are a growing company and are preparing to enlarge our customer base by bringing Ryan J. Parish onboard to handle and upgrade our office. Ryan will handle the duties of CFO and will oversee the company in regulatory compliance.

HSS encourages companies looking for great rail service to contact us for resumes and to set up a meeting with any inquiries.

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